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13 months.
2004-03-19 | 12:37 a.m.

Sarah is 13 months old now. I know I promised to update with her height and weight, but if you lived a day in my life, you'd understand.

Sarah is walking hardcore. I mean HARDCORE! She's almost running. She's, once again, a little speed demon! She started walking on February 23. Josh reminded me that she took her first independent steps on January 28 (I'm a bad mom. I forget to update her calendar). So, she's walking. We got her her first pair of shoes the other day with some KeepTy bells to keep them on. It's so cute to see her walking and jingling at the same time!

So. At her 1 year check up she was 23 pounds 4 ounces and 31 inches tall. So, she's still growing like crazy! 97th for height, 75th for weight. It's not that she doesn't eat, it's that she DOESN'T SIT STILL! I'm not kidding. She doesn't sit still for more than 5 minutes. Unless Dora the Explorer or Blues Clues is on. But lately, even that's a challenge.

Right now she's not feeling great with a massively runny nose. Plus she is getting two molars at the same time (one on the upper left, one on the upper right). But she's still not all that fussy. Even without Tylenol.

I'm not sure what else to say. Just wanted to update that so I can keep track!

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